Opti-Com Manufacturing Network, Inc. (“OMNI” for short) specializes in outside plant materials and supplies for the Telecommunications Industry. Our name comes from the Latin word for ALL, and that describes our goal – to provide a total package of quality products for all our customers’ outside plant needs; everything necessary to protect, place, and repair telephone, data and cable TV lines, especially fiber optics. Our Opti-Com multi duct fiber optic conduit system (U.S. Patent# 4,834,825) really shows how we cover all the bases. Opti-Com provides maximum protection for valuable fiber cables while being as easy to install as empty 4• conduit. Opti-Com is available in outer ducts of Type C or Schedule 40 PVC, .070 wall or Bullet-resistant fiberglass, or Schedule 40 Galvanized Steel for any degree of protection required from direct burial to bridge crossings in high risk areas.

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