Erico (CADDY)

ERICO is a global manufacture of superior engineered products, systems and solutions for niche markets, including construction, the electrical and power market, railway systems, utilities and communications voice and data connecting hardware.

CADDY® Fastening & Fixing Systems

Code compliant fasteners and structural fixing systems require a high degree of reliability, and any compromise on quality cannot be accepted. Every detail of an ERICO CADDY® Fastening & Fixing component, from initial conception through to design and manufacture, is aimed towards providing cost effective solutions.

CADWELD® Industrial Electric

The CADWELD process is a method of making welded electrical connections of aluminum to aluminum, copper to copper and copper to steel, in which no external sources of heat, such as electricity or gas, are required. CADWELD connections are not dependent on an electric arc, meaning that welds can be made in a highly magnetic environment.

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