AcroVista is the developer of innovative scheduling and audio distribution software.   AcroVista’s flagship product, BellCommander, is used by hundreds of schools, manufacturers, and businesses for audio/bell scheduling, emergency notification, and paging.

The BellCommander system is designed to be flexible and can integrate with existing equipment or work with the latest VoIP phone systems and IP speakers.

The BellCommander software includes a very flexible audio scheduler that allows up 300 events per day with multiple zone scheduling.  Day schedules can be defined in advance and applied to the BellCommander calendar to allow customers to define schedules far in advance and override schedules quickly for weather related schedule changes.

BellCommander integrates with the latest VoIP phone systems, including 3CX, a Windows based phone system, to provide audio scheduling to IP phones and IP speakers.   Users can also dial into the BellCommander software to trigger emergency notifications that will loop audio alerts when an emergency code is entered.

The BellCommander system is designed to be easy-to-use and is very cost-effective compared to competing products that require expensive phone systems and equipment or rely on outdated technology.

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