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Hall Now Offers Commercial & Residential Multi-Room Audio Streaming


Stream the most popular music services

Offer your clients the ultimate entertainment solution! Have full control throught your mobile device as it streams music from different apps to multiple zones throughout an application.


Why should residential installations have all the fun? Stream and control the most popular music services to multiple commercial OR residential zones from your phone or tablet.


People like music.

They like music when they work, exercise, shop, and countless other places.

People like simplicity.

With the a-live'" next generation streaming sound system, installers can now offer their customers an advanced yet incredibly simple way to get people their music.

People like versatility.

Whether its just a couple of speakers running off an a-live'" AMP system for a small room, or an entire ballroom of speakers powered by a 70V commercial amp with an a-live'" STREAMER as a source, a-live'" makes sure the music goes where its needed.

People like sophistication.

With central opp control and ability to stream the most popular music services, locally stored files and Internet radio to one or more zones, a-live'" has everything you need to make good installations great.


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Why Hall Telecommunications?

We believe that the more effective we make our customers, the more effective we make ourselves and both of us win.

We think differently.

We continue to challenge the status quo by sourcing new products and technologies that are simple to install, simple to use and provide a high degree of functionality for our customers.

By providing these types of solutions, this allows our customers to better position themselves in front of their customers.

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  • I must say Hall has been great for fast responses, and urgent quote/product requests. Also when regular representative is away for any length of time, the person looking after their accounts has always contacted us right away to let us know and to send contact information, which has been very much appreciated.
    Stephanie Schott
    Inventory Specialist