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    Established provider of intercom systems in many markets.

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    The pioneer and leader of IP video surveillance.

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    We are the Authority on IP Devices and Network Integration Products
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Chameleon Headsets perform either equally or better than what your clients are currently using, but usually cost less.

Professional Quality Wired Headsets set the bar when it comes to Noise-Cancelling and are great for today's busy offices and Receptions. See below for free online, 'hassle-free', 5 minute User-Instruction video.

Office Quality Headsets are Industry Standard Noise Cancelling and provide an up-beat look.

***** All Chameleon Headsets are VoIP Quality *****



EI 2001 & 2002 EI 2003 Convertible EI 2021 & 2022

Wireless Headsets have similar sound and range as any of the High Quality Wireless your clients are using. They feature Automatic "Pairing", DECT 6.0 & channel-hopping for security. VoIP Models available.

EI 3012 RJ9 or VoIP/USB Headset Band or Over-The-Ear Optional Lifter and EHS Cables

Wired Headsets with a QD come with a two-year, Replace with NEW, Limited Warranty!

VoIP, no QD, and Wireless Headsets come with a one Year, Replace with NEW, Limited Warranty!
Click here to view how to maximize the headset's performance!

Call today to find the Chameleon Headset
that meets your needs.


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Why Hall Telecommunications?

We believe that the more effective we make our customers, the more effective we make ourselves and both of us win.

We think differently.

We continue to challenge the status quo by sourcing new products and technologies that are simple to install, simple to use and provide a high degree of functionality for our customers.

By providing these types of solutions, this allows our customers to better position themselves in front of their customers.

Hall News

Hall welcomes Wrenda to the Hall team.

Wrenda comes to Hall with an education in the purchasing field, as well as 2 years of previous purchasing experience. She is a pleasant addition to our team and she is always ready to dive in and learn and do what she can to help address customer needs.

She looks forward to servicing your purchasing needs.

The Hall family, supporting the Guelph Community


  • Record Tel Inc has been a client of Hall Telecommunications since we became an independent telecommunications company in 1995. Hall, as a local distributor of voice and data products, constantly amaze me with their commitment to quality and their ability to source obscure items as required while providing excellent pricing.  I was asked why I purchase from Hall:

    We purchase the products from Hall due to the simple fact that Hall only sell a quality product, not because of the brand name.

    Phil McCulloch