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Speaker Installation Season Is Upon Us

It's that time of year...The time we see lots of SIP Speaker orders for school installations scheduled for summer break.

What's different this year is that with the newly enhanced SIP Paging Server, which now includes bell scheduling capability, you have a more complete solution for schools, universities or any environment requiring notification with scheduled announcements and bells. 

The SIP Paging Server enables users through a single SIP phone extension, to access multiple zones for paging in a VoIP network and to connect to legacy analog overhead paging systems. This bell scheduling enhancement will deliver what many customers have been asking for: an easy-to-use school bell system with mass notification ability in one device, without the need for additional and costly software.  

011393 SIP Speaker, Shown with 011153 Wall Mount Clock Kit

Perfect for classrooms and hallways

011405 Loudspeaker Amplifier, Shown with 011068 Horn

Perfect for gymnasiums, cafeterias and outdoor common areas

011376 RGB Strobe

Perfect for loud environments requiring visual notification

011146 SIP Paging Server With Bell Scheduler

Perfect for classrooms and hallways

011397 SIP Talk Back Speaker, Shown with 011151 Wall Mount

Two-way communication from office to classroom

011209 SIP Emergency Intercom

Two-way communication for emergencies

011410 SIP H.264 Outdoor Video Intercom

Perfect for entrances, we now have an SIP H.264 Video Outdoor Intercom for two way communication with video


In a typical school setting, CyberData's SIP-enabled PoE powered endpoints facilitate paging and mass notification throughout the school and campus, allowing for scheduled bells and announcements as well as for general and emergency notification.


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We believe that the more effective we make our customers, the more effective we make ourselves and both of us win.

We think differently.

We continue to challenge the status quo by sourcing new products and technologies that are simple to install, simple to use and provide a high degree of functionality for our customers.

By providing these types of solutions, this allows our customers to better position themselves in front of their customers.

Hall News

Hall Telecommunications Supply LTD. is pleased to announce and welcome Adé Archer as the new Bilingual Customer Service/ Inside sales Representative.  Adé comes to Hall with an extensive experience in both sales and customer support. He believes his experience will help you obtain the proper information, whether a new technology, or the correct pricing, or the correct shipping details on a product.  Adé’s experience building long term business relationships has taught him they have to be earned. He is looking forward to working hard on your behalf and earning one with you.


  • I must say Hall has been great for fast responses, and urgent quote/product requests. Also when regular representative is away for any length of time, the person looking after their accounts has always contacted us right away to let us know and to send contact information, which has been very much appreciated.
    Stephanie Schott
    Inventory Specialist